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Need to contact me? Send a message below and I will try to reply within 24 hours, most times much sooner!

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If you contact me about any of the above bullet points.. don’t expect a response.

Send a message to – admin – at – thepointsguide dot com

  • Zack and Paul

    You`re so HANDSOME!!!!

  • Ana Albornoz

    Hi. I am planning a trip to Europe around August and I updated my skymiles and I found out I have more than 12000 miles there. I dont have a credit card and I would like to ask you what credit card to get to get more miles to add to the skymile plan.
    Thank you

  • Musky

    Thank you in advance for you time. Here is my question

    I planning my summer vacation for my family of 5. I have excellent credit so getting cards in my name as an individual and my wife’s name as an individual is not a problem. I might need up to 250,000 points or more. Canceling after a year and taking a hit on credit score is not an issue with me

    Capital one – 40,000 x 2 cards
    Citi advantage – 50,000 x 2 cards but restricted to American Airlines
    Chase saphire – 40,000 x 1card (don’t think I can get two since I recently canceled one)
    Redeam through Chase 10,000 bonus points

    Is there a way after I get all these points to combine them

    Any other tricks or better cards I should target

  • rochguy

    I’m a Marriott Silver Elite, and have a Marriott (Chase) credit card. If I switch to the Ritz Carlton Program and apply for a Ritz Carlton credit card – what happens to my Marriott credit card? Do they automatically cancel it since I don’t think Marriott allows you to have both cards at the same time. Do I need to cancel it before applying for the Ritz card? My understanding is that if I apply for a Ritz card I can get the Ritz sign up bonuses, but if I just ask them to switch my Marriott card for a Ritz card I don’t think I’d get any bonuses. Your thoughts would be appreciated as I have not seen this discussed anywhere.