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Announcement: ThePointsGuide 25,000 Delta SkyMiles Holiday Giveaway!

The Points Guide is offering 25,000 Delta SkyMiles to 1 lucky winner! This raffle will be ending on November 2nd. There are multiple ways you can enter. The more ways you enter the better your chances of winning

Thanks to Christopher B. entry number 260! You won the 25k Delta SkyMiles!

Thank you to the more than 350 individuals who entered the giveaway over the past 2 weeks! I plan on offering more giveaways in the near future so be sure to check the Facebook page, Google Plus, or Twitter page for any announcements.

Since The Points Guide has over 550,000 airline miles, I thought I would offer up some free miles to help one lucky person pay for part or all of their Holiday plane ticket! I know how important family is and sometimes getting a flight on Thanksgiving or Christmas cost too much! While using as little as 25,000 airline miles you can save a few hundred dollars. Maybe you have some miles, but this would put you over the amount needed for First Class!

To enter the raffle, all you need to do is fill out the form below. Follow each step to get more than 1 entry. The more times you enter the better your chances of winning. Please keep in mind that one entry can be done once a day, adding to your total entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you register for all entries, you can have 12 total entries plus have 1 extra entry per day that you tweet our message for a total of 23 entries. The more you have the better your chances of winning!

After you have entered the raffle let us know in the comments! I love to hear from those who visit my website!

Some Travel Bloggers & other companies supporting this giveaway. Check them out!

For more ways of earning free airline miles, not just for Delta check out our website!

How many entries can you get

  • 2 entries for liking ThePointsGuide on Facebook
  • 2 entries for posting about this giveaway on your Facebook page
  • 1 entry for following ThePointsGuide on Twitter
  • 1 entry for Tweeting about this giveaway. (1+ entry for each day you tweet)
  • 2 entries for following ThePointsGuide on Google Plus
  • 3 entries for liking Autism United on Facebook
  • 1 entry for leaving a blog comment on this page. (Where would you go or how would you use these miles)

You can have a maximum of 23 entries in this raffle.

*This raffle is not endorsed by any company or affiliate. I am not endorsing Delta, nor are they sponsoring this giveaway. This giveaway is being done by the owner of The Points Guide and the winner will have to provide their full name, email address and Delta SkyMiles number in order to receive the miles. A phone number and other contact information may also be needed. If you do not agree to these terms, do not enter.

About Derek

I currently live in beautiful Alaska with my wife! Living in Alaska i have learned that it cost so much more just to travel anywhere! In order to fly anywhere it cost us an extra $250+ a ticket. We use miles and points to fly nearly everywhere for free, usually in First Class. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook or why not signup to receive new blog post via email or in RSS reader
  • Gabe Krebs

    My girlfriend recently transferred to Pepperdine University. I would use these miles to surprise her! 

    • ThePointsGuide

      That’s a great idea! I surprised my girlfriend in Ireland a few years ago, makes for great memories.. I love surprises :)

  • Gedrick Rivera

    I would go visit granny in Atlanta… Haven’t seen her in the longest!

    • Scottewells

      We are taking a family of 8 to Hawaii in the summer of 2013 and will use the miles toward that trip.

      • MileHunter

        It would goes towards my Delta balance for a trip to Thailand where my family is from. Thanks for running this.

  • Gagan Kaushal

    I go to wherever the miles may take me :-)

  • Noah Mamis

    I would use these miles for AF Affaires seats CDG-IAD on the A380, where I’m told they have an art gallery?

  • Jef8917

    This is awesome, Derek! Thanks! Who couldn’t use 25,000 of anything?!

    • ThePointsGuide

       Exactly! 25,000 miles is better than 0 miles

  • Jef Sevenker

    Thanks, Derek! If I won, these would go toward the stockpile of DSM’s I have and use them for trips to Dallas to see old friends, and Peru to see a friend who just moved there.

  • The Deal Mommy

    I’d use them to fly one of my in-laws in for Xmas.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Ron

    I’d love to go to Ireland in the Spring.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Ireland is awesome! That’s where I got engaged in September 2010. Only spent 4 days there, so I’m definitely going back.. absolutely a beautiful place

  • Sil

    not sure if I entered correctly or not.  I have no face book account nor twitter. not interested in social media.  I wrote my email and name but it is showing 0/12 entries from me…oh well, shall see what happens….

    • ThePointsGuide

      You will get 1 entry for this blog comment. You should see 1 entry now

  • heels05

    I would use these to top my miles off with delta and fly biz class to Paris!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Paris would be cool! Especially in Business Class!

  • schmerj

    I’d use the miles to visit my grandmother in Philadelphia (I live in Europe).

  • Tess

    I’d take a trip to Cali or to Vegas

  • Andrew

    I’d head to Reunion and Mauritius — I’m collecting Delta miles to fly there on Air France. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Manning08

    Brilliant!  Adding these to some miles I already have, I’d send my wife to Paris (with her mom) for her 30th birthday!

  • Megan Z.

    I would use the points to visit Salt Lake City!

  • Grant

    Great article on MMS about you, I thought there was only one TPG, but I guess there is room for one more.  Best of luck with the raffle and travel on!

    • ThePointsGuide

      TPG? Yeah Daraius @MillionMileSecrets was my inspiration with starting this website. I think I saw him on an article with CNN. Plus I have personally learned a lot from that guy! He is a master

    • Russ

      I would go SAN-JFK

  • Marisa Roth

    I would like to use these miles to visit Alaska! 

    • ThePointsGuide

      Seems like a lot of people want to travel to Alaska. I’m going to create an Alaska Travel page on my site since I live here! Should be able to help anyone looking for the best things to do and best places to stay!

  • Robert Patton

    I’d like to fly to the Virgin Islands with the delta points

  • Ralph L

    I would fly to Tampa to surprise my grandparents

    • ThePointsGuide

      lol. Seems like all grandparents live in Florida. Just got back from the Clearwater area visiting my wife’s grandma

  • Andrea Warner

    Derek, good for you! What a fun site! I’m really happy for you. I love to travel, so I’m slightly envious of you, too. 😉  

    • ThePointsGuide

       Hey Andrea! Long time! 😉

  • Adam Russell

    I’d fly to Alaska with my family

    • ThePointsGuide

      Adam, for a vacation? Its a great place to visit! You’ll love the mountains!

  • Andrea Warner

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I would put the miles towards a trip to Australia. I’ve been dying to go there for years. :)

    • ThePointsGuide

       I also would love to go to Australia.. its definitely on the bucket list!

  • Skthomp1

    We’d use the miles to bring our daughter home from school on a more regular basis.  : (

  • Kevin

    We’re planning a family get together around Xmas, so these points would help someone get to SFO.

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  • Rick

    I would love to go to Europe.

  • Ram

    I admire your passion for collecting rewards and miles. I am a newbie and just started doing this. Hope to use these miles to take my wife to Europe for our 10th anniversary in Feb 

  • Mattsci

    I have been to 48 states and Puerto Rico, so the miles would be added to my current account to make sure I get to Alaska and Hawaii by the end of 2013.  Then it’s just finding a way to Pierre, SD to complete all the capitals.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Wow that is cool! Every capital? So if you go to Alaska, you still have to come up to Anchorage/Fairbanks.

  • Chris B.

    Derek, Thank you for a fun contest. If I were to win, I’d surprise my wife with a fun trip to California during a cold winter month. Thanks!

    • ThePointsGuide

      I hear ya! Id love to surprise my wife and go somewhere warm this winter as well! Its only October 19th and we are already down to 16 degrees at night here in Wasilla, AK!

  • Cindy B

    I’d visit my mom in Orlando. 

  • oneeyejack

    entered into raffle.  thanks for the giveaway.

  • MrPaul

    I would go to Miami to get on a cruise!

  • Rebecca D.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Egypt and India are next on my travel bucket list (technically Thailand and an African safari are next but those are already booked!).

    • ThePointsGuide

      Egypt is awesome!! Spent 3 weeks there May 2011. If you go email me! Also what safari are you going on? Ive been on one in Uganda, not the best but it was cheap at the time!

      Always wanted to go on a safari in Kenya!

  • Rob

    My girlfriend and I would go to Italy!!

  • Giddy For Points

    I would  use it to go to my sisters wedding!

  • Chris G.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Look forward to reading more on the blog. 

  • Sam

    First time at your website…looks awesome! Keep up the good work

    • ThePointsGuide

       Thanks Sam for the kind words! It definitely is a TON of work creating a site like this.

  • Chris

    Thanks for this, I would love to use these miles to visit my parents in Seattle! 

    • ThePointsGuide

       Very cool.. I’m from the Seattle area. Spent 28 years there.

  • Steve

    Take the family to Europe via business class

    • DeltaSM

       When you figure out how to do this on 25,000 points please start your own travel blog as we will all be anxiously awaiting to find out how you did this.

      • ThePointsGuide

        Obviously you would need more mile if you were to fly International Business Class. Delta ‘might’ not be the way to go.

        BUT flying from LAX to LRH in First Class is 150,000 miles +$290 (depending on your travel dates), that same ticket cost $4,600

  • JustinDoes…

    I would use the points to fly to NYC to go shopping.

  • Travelingfools

    Kind of a newbie here and love the help you give us through your blog.  I’m hoping to make a return trip to Hawaii.  We made our first trip 7 years ago on our 25th Wedding Anniversary and loved it!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Hawaii would be nice! My wife and I are hoping to make a trip there sometime in the VERY near future. Last time I was there was in 2005 for Christmas. But now living in Alaska, we can get on a direct flight to Hawaii and get out of the cold!

  • Faye

    I would use the points to help fly my grandsons to Disney.

  • Betsey House

    My husband and I are semi-retired and are not able to afford the travel we had hoped to do. Winning miles would allow us to see places we have never been.

  • hypersem(itic)

    Wow– what a generous giveaway! Thanks and good luck, everyone!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Very cool! Ive wanted to get into more international travel. Ive done the road trip through the US. Yellowstone National Park is a great place to start :)

  • TomT

     I would visit my Brother with his new baby coming along, promise to visit him in Portland forever, but could never make it.  Hope this would help

  • Ed

    I would use my miles toward an award travel to Zurich Switzerland.

  • coleman

    I would love to win!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Doesn’t everyone 😉 Good luck

  • Pointasaurus

    I would buy half a Delta ticket seeing that most “LOW” level award tickets are 50,000!

    • ThePointsGuide

      LOL. Really? I find tickets all of the time for 25,000 miles. It does matter on where you are flying from and where you are going, but for the most part I have never seen a ‘low’ level ticket at 50,000 miles. Where do you live? Or where are you trying to go? These would have to be domestic flights

  • Kirby Baker

    I would love to use the miles to take my wife back to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon!

    • ThePointsGuide

      I bet she would love that! Hawaii is great.. spent a week there in December 2005

  • T Sheree

    Weekend getaway to the northeast to see the trees and their fall colors!

    • ThePointsGuide

      That would be awesome. My wife is from New York and so I’ve only heard about the fall colors from here, besides what I have seen in magazines.

  • Christine Pincince

    you are doing a great service to help us to learn this ..thank you

    • ThePointsGuide

       Thank you for the kind words Christine.. I’m trying :)

  • Joseph Yawe

    I would use the points to cut the cost of my ticket to go home and visit my parents in uganda!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Awesome! What part of Uganda? I’ve been there multiple times since 2006, mostly around Kampala

  • rodeojones

    I would use the points to take my wife to Hawaii for our 20 year anniversary in 2013.  One question…what if our twitter name is different from our disqus and facebook names?  I use my real name of FB but not on twitter and disqus.

    • ThePointsGuide

       That wont matter. The system will keep track of who you are, regardless if you use a different name.

  • Amy Harrison

    To visit my boyfriend who lives in Barcelona :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Long distance relationship! Must be hard. My wife and I started out that way. She lived in Alaska, I lived in Washington. Good luck Amy

  • terri

    I would use the miles to fly to Peru for 12/21/2012!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Haha.. Nice! Make sure you take pictures, cause the world isn’t ending on 12/21.. but just in case…. get pictures 😉

  • mmmfruit

    I’ve never used Delta SkyMiles before but I’d either use them for a trip to DisneyWorld in Florida, or visit my friend in France who I haven’t seen since my wedding two years ago.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Flying Internationally with Delta still cost a few hundred dollars, you would probably get the better deal going to Disney World.. which would be a fun trip! But how can you also pass up France!

      • mmmfruit

        Thanks for the info! :) It’d be awesome if I can win.

  • Cprice_75

    I would probably take a flight to Florida to offset expenses on a Disney Vacation.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Disney world would be fun! I’ve actually never been to Disney world.. only Disney land in CA. Six Flags in Florida is also sweet, for us adults 😉

  • Grady Susan

    Hey there,

    First of all, why do you live in Alaska? And where? It IS a beautiful place!! I have been there twice and if Incould go anywhere, I would either get back to AK, but in Feb., or Norway( again in Feb)…Ro see the Aurora Borealis! A bucket List dream! :)

    Be well and keep up the great work!

    Susan Grady

    • Susan Grady

      So much for the iphone and its typos! :) You got what I was trying to say though, right? :)

      • ThePointsGuide

        Grady! Why do I live in Alaska?? hahaha. Well because my wife was up here (girlfriend at the time) and so when we got married in May 2011, after our amazing honeymoon to Egypt, we packed all my junk and drove the AL-CAN; 2,300 miles to Wasilla.

        It is beautiful and I do like living in a place where it actually snows! Living in Seattle my whole life, we didn’t see much snow. Its extremely cold here as well, but other than that I like it.

        You should come back to Alaska! The Aurora Borealis was just out the other night.. also a great benefit for living here. If you want to see the Aurora, go to Fairbanks for at least 3 full days between September – April. They say you will have a 90% chance of seeing them.

  • PointsObsession

    Just spent a week in your beautiful state! It would be great if you’d be interested in developing a specific tab for travel to Alaska! Thanks for your blog!

    • ThePointsGuide

       It its beautiful! Extremely cold now, 16 degrees out this morning 😉

      Great idea about the travel Alaska tab.. was think of something like that, but have been completely updating the site/design/content. Will get on that in a few weeks!

  • susie

    I’m trying to go to japan+thailand on an asian adventure!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sounds exciting! And would require a lot of planning! Let me know if you end up going! Would love to hear about it

  • Lesley

    I would use the miles to fly my mom out to LAX to visit me. She’s a teacher and it’d be the perfect “summer break” surprise when school ends for the year! She deserves all the vacation she can get!

    • ThePointsGuide

      She would definitely deserve it! My mom teaches at a school in Washington state and I’ve been able to give her 2 free airline tickets as gifts.. its the best!

  • Laurent Roux

    I would use the 25k towards a rt ticket to Asia

    • ThePointsGuide

      Hear first class seats to Asia are amazing, but have no experience of it myself. Just keep in mind, international tickets using Delta miles will still cost a few hundred dollars

  • Sarah

    I would use these miles towards a ticket to Rome! I’ve never been and would really like to go!!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Rome sounds awesome! Would love to see the Colosseum

  • Harlan Vaughn

    I’m saving up to go to Australia!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Australia and Alaska seem to be the popular places people want to go! Would love to spend a few weeks in Australia!

  • MileHunter

    Sorry I posted it under reply to Scottwells, please delete that post and use this one instead.  It would goes towards my Delta balance for a trip to Thailand where my family is from. Thanks for running this.

    • ThePointsGuide

      No worries.

  • Biggles209

    I’d go to Boston to visit my daughter

    • ThePointsGuide

      Another destination my wife and I are hoping to go. New York/Boston. She grew up on Long Island and I’ve only been to New York once for 4 days. Good luck Biggles

  • Ivan

    Would love to go back to the Carribean if I got these Delta miles…seems Delta has the best availability for going to the Carribean.  Thanks!

  • David Thomson

    Brilliant promo! Dont know where to go if I win yet, but loads of opportunity!

    • ThePointsGuide

       Hoping to have a few more like this as the Holiday’s come! Good luck!

  • Jessie C.

    I’d use it for a trip to Japan.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Very cool! Have you ever been to Japan?

  • Chris Lautsbaugh

    I would add the miles to what I already have to fly somewhere first class, like you recommend

    • ThePointsGuide

      Make sure its a long flight! The longer the better 😉

  • Isaac D

    I’d use the miles to visit friends.

    • ThePointsGuide

      I do that as well. Sometimes I need to get out of Alaska, will fly to Seattle to visit friends and family.

  • Brett Albertson

    I’m planning to go to Brisbane Australia on a Delta partner

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sounds like an awesome plan! Australia is on my bucket list!

  • Shindig

    Just wait till Virgin Galactic offers redemption for free flights!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sometimes patience is the best thing with getting the best deals. I’m sitting on 535,000 AMEX points waiting and waiting for the right deal.. for me :)

  • charity

    Just getting into the miles and points game so would use this to start my stockpile :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sounds great! Never too late to get into the miles and points game!

  • Ken

    Love the blog layout. I’d love to fly my brother out to CO to do some snowboarding this season.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Thanks Ken! Its actually a new layout, still getting things in order and fixing minor issues 😉 I’d love to go snowboarding again, at least try to get good at it. Have been about 5 times and still suck at carving!

  • Nguyen

    I would love to use those 25K to travel to LAX or LAS.  Thanks.

    • ThePointsGuide

      If I flew to LAX it would be so I could go to Six Flags 😉

  • Mark

    I want to get to Thailand and Vietnam. First class :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Would probably be an expensive ticket! But very cool! There is a cruise in Vietnam (Halong Bay), hear its an amazing and beautiful cruise.

  • Maria Mcintire

    I would go home to Bulgaria to surprise my grandma who lives by herself for Christmas!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sad! I couldn’t imagine being alone on Christmas.. Good luck Maria!

  • Shids

    Thanks for the opportunity,great way to increase your visibility.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Your welcome.. its more of a way for me to give back to someone. I would really love to bless someone with a free ticket somewhere. I know how it is being away from family during the holidays and hope this can help someone get home.

  • Corey Malone

    At first I was going to use the miles on myself, but I’ve decided that I would give the miles to my mom who hasn’t been able to travel in a few years.  It’s time I give something back to her =]
    I’ll try to give her a relaxing trip to somewhere warm.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Ive given my mom free airline tickets the past 2 Christmas’s. Her first time was on a First Class seat from SEA to PHL. Both her and my step-dad love it! Its great to give back to the parents :)

  • Rebecca Schlangel

    I love travel giveaways. Thanks for this!

    • ThePointsGuide

      I won’t be able to know who you are in case if you win! I need a name at least (with attached email address so I can contact you)

  • David

    I would come visit you in Alaska. I have never been and it is high in my list!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Just give me a heads up before you come 😉 Its a great place to visit!

      • Garreth

        Only in the summer!!! Unless you like to freeze in the snow!

        • ThePointsGuide

          True! Once November comes around, you won’t see bare ground until April/May.. But it seems to rain the whole summer and is usually sunny in the winter!

  • Dan White

    Love the website, thanks for the valuable info!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Thanks Dan!

  • Mari

    Just found your blog.   We’ve been to your beautiful state – it is a great place to visit, and I would guess to live, also.    Although I was there in the spring!  😉

    If I won these miles, I would take my husband back to Europe – either Italy, France or Croatia.   These miles would get one of us to a premium cabin award, and we can transfer miles into the other’s account to reach that level.     It’s been 3 years since we’ve been in Europe, and way past time for a change of pace from work.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Its definitely beautiful.. just cold! Europe would be awesome!

  • Naomi

    Thanks for putting up your Delta miles. I would want to go to Egypt to teach kitesurfing.  And fly my brother from Europe to Egypt as well. 😉

  • Emil Lewinger


    • ThePointsGuide

      Got to love Canada! Ive only been to Vancouver BC and then up the AL-CAN to Alaska.. Good luck!

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  • Lisa T.

    I would visit Boston for my cousin’s wedding!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Boston! One place I’ll be going to next year 2013!

  • chris

    would love to join the list of “free” fliers…new to the game, and could use a jump start !

    • ThePointsGuide

      Chris, you are already in the group! All it takes is to start reading and learning.. start using your rewards credit card for all your purchases. Stop using debit or checks or cash. Everything you buy can earn you rewards points or miles.. Good luck man!

  • Ernest Baskin


    • ThePointsGuide

      Great place to go! Super humid in the summer. Just got back from Tampa earlier this month and it was finally cooling down when we left

  • Amanda S

    I would use the points to top off my Skymiles to fly to Portland for Christmas!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Is that Portland OR?

  • Leslie Gross

    Wow, so many options and places that I woud love to visit. But I would use the miles and fly my mother to Albuquerque, New Mexico so she could visit her mother whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years or longer. They did talk daily up until her mother had a stroke, but now thats almost impossible. So thats what I would do with the miles and I cross my fingers that someday down the road  I would win something like this again, so I could go somewhere :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Leslie – That’s very nice of you. I know how that is. My grandma had a stroke many years ago so visiting her was difficult. Good luck on the raffle! Remember you can enter 1 more time/day by tweeting the raffle

  • Rui Miguel Neiva

    I would go to Macau!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Very cool! Good luck Rui

  • kvr

    I will get an award ticket to visit my girlfriend in NYC!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Long distance relationship? That’s how my wife and I started.. her living in Alaska, me living in Washington. NYC would be fun!

  • Rachel

    Burkina Faso – where I met my now husband. I haven’t been able to afford a trip back. Maybe I could bring my whole family (who lived in your beautiful state until last year).

    • ThePointsGuide

      Wow, never knew of Burkina Faso.. didn’t even know it was in Africa.

      Where did they live in Alaska? Seems like so many people move here, but don’t hear many stories of people moving out of the state.

  • EJ

    I would use them to help me get back to Ukraine! I’m moving back to the US in time for Christmas this year, but I want to find a way to come back!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Good luck EJ!

  • Daniel

    ‘Ill use the miles to travelto Beijing.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Never been to China! Would love to go some time, especially to Hong Kong!

  • Scott (aka Andy)

    Goin’ where the weather suits my clothes!!

    • ThePointsGuide

      LOL.. Same here Scott! Alaska is cold! I actually didn’t have ‘winter’ clothes for a long time during last winter. Just moved here June 2011, so when it was -26 out on New Years Eve last year I decided I needed to go shopping for some warm clothes!

  • Amy

    I’d go to korea!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Definitely an interesting place. Good luck Amy!

  • Ehud

    I would use the miles to fly to Florida for the holidays

    • ThePointsGuide

      Seems like a lot of people want to travel to Florida! Nice and warm in December

  • Patrick

    I started following you savvy miles folks in the hopes of whisking my wife back to our honeymoon destination of Maui!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Patrick, you too can be a savvy miles ‘folk’.. it just takes time. Start today.. start charging everything to a rewards card.. stop using debit, stop using checks, stop using cash. Start building on your rewards accounts, both hotels and airlines and you’ll be on your way back to Maui!

  • Duane H

    I would fly to Mrytle Beach to visit family.

    • ThePointsGuide

      My wife tells me about Mrytle Beach all of the time. She and her family would go there for vacations all of the time, while they lived in New York. Sounds like a great place to go!

  • Embla

    I’d use the miles to top off my account and visit France – I’ve always wanted to go! :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Embla – France would be an awesome place to go!

  • Mikepbll

    Orlando would be my destination of choice.

    • ThePointsGuide

      A lot of people want to go to Orlando! Fun place to visit!

  • Tim Horwedel

    I would either use them to help fly my parents out to STL to see us, or add it to the bank for a killer honeymoon (location suggestions??)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Egypt! That’s were I went on my honeymoon in May 2011. One of the coolest places I have ever been! Got to spend at least 3 weeks there.

  • Pratip Bhattacharya

    I will go to Colorado for skiing

  • Silvia

    I would go to Paris.

  • Caroline

    I would go see my parents in SLC!

  • Couponologist

    I will revisit Seattle and drive to Vancouver!

    • ThePointsGuide

      My home state! Vancouver BC is a nice place to go in the summer.

  • Pankaj Ch

    Looking to run away from winters of west to sunshine of east .
    Syracuse to SFO -> Then to thanksgiving to San Antonio – >Then a week of relaxation in Cancun mexico . 

    • ThePointsGuide

      Sounds like a solid plan! Would love to get into the sun sometime this winter! Stuck in Alaska for right now with 2 trips planned, 1 in November and 1 in March!

  • Dreambailey

    I would use the miles to fly from Charlotte to New Orleans for my mother’s 60th Birthday Party.

    • ThePointsGuide

      My mother turned 60 as well this year!

  • David Miller

    I would head back to Australia!

    • ThePointsGuide

      How long would you stay? Australia seems to be the popular destination so far!

  • Greg L.

    The miles would allow me to finally make it to Austin, Texas!!!!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Where would you be flying from?

  • phillip

    I would add them to my current miles & travel to Hawaii this winter.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Great plan! Hawaii in the winter is a popular destination for us Alaskan folk :)

  • Deniz

    I would fly to California. Been waiting forever to go there!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Never been? Its a nice place, just expensive!

  • Leslie

    i would go to wyoming jackson Yellow Stone Park

    • ThePointsGuide

      Great place! Haven’t been to Yellow Stone National Park since I was a kid. One of my favorite times as a kid. We spent 2 weeks traveling the US and camped everywhere we went. Spent a few days at Yellow Stone.. Beautiful place to go

  • Joe

    I would fly to see my girlfriend in our home state of Montana

    • ThePointsGuide

      Where you at now? Working else where?

  • Ramsey T.

    I would put the miles towards my next medical mission ticket. It takes a lot of miles to travel to Africa!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Awesome idea! Where in Africa would you be going? Ive been on a medical missions trip in Uganda. Didn’t do the actual medical stuff, but helped where I could.

  • Naina

    I’d go to see friends and my fiance’s family in Columbus, OH! Delta has the ONLY direct flight from Boston.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Good idea! Direct flights are the only way to go!

  • Nick

    I would use the Delta miles towards a trip to Tokyo next year. They would be very helpful for my current balance! Thanks, Nick

    • ThePointsGuide

      Going to Tokyo for business or vacation? Flying international using Delta SkyMiles still cost money in taxes/fees, just FYI

  • philipalex99

    To the beach!!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Good idea! A warm and sunny beach for sure! How about Hawaii 😉

  • Gary N Amanda Raymond

    I would use….

  • Gary N Amanda Raymond

    I would use the miles to travel to Virginia.  We are in the Navy and being transferred next year.  Both my children have Autism and I would like to fly out to observe schools and special education programs as well as speak with the SpEd directors and potential principals/teachers or prospective schools.  

    • ThePointsGuide

      Bless you Gary & thanks for your service!! Check out one of my friend’s sites –

  • Dan

    go home to see my girlfriend!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Long distance relationship? Or just traveling because of work?

  • Jeff

    I would use the miles toward a trip to South America.

    • ThePointsGuide

      One of the many places I have never been. Ive been to ‘Mexico’, Honduras, Belize, if that counts.

  • Amer

    use them in conjunction with existing miles and go to mexico

    • ThePointsGuide

      Just met a guy from Mexico. Would be interesting place to visit after hearing about the cartels and constant battles going on down there.

  • Ahmed Abdullah

    To build up miles in Delta for Bora Bora!

    • ThePointsGuide

      If you go, send me pictures! Bora Bora looks absolutely beautiful. I believe Million Mile Secrets just got back from there?

  • S. Mayorga

    Thanks for running the contest!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Your welcome Mayorga.. and good luck!

  • Lucy

    thanks for running the giveaway, will use to add to my delta points for a trip to Brussels.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Lucy, your welcome! Never been to Brussels.

  • Joel Giefer

    I would take a trip to the west coast to see my parents.  Thanks for the giveaway!

    • ThePointsGuide

      No problem Joel! Good luck

  • Daniel Rudov

    I’d take a trip to discover South America, partly on motorcycle, just like the pilgrims of old.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Crazy experience! Going through S. America on motorcycle.. be sure to take lots of pictures 😉

  • Michelle

    Having just moved to Oahu, I’d probably use them for either a trip to the mainland to visit family, or a visit to one of the other Hawaiian islands.  :)

    • ThePointsGuide

      Wow! Did you move from the main land to Hawaii? I think it would be hard to move somewhere, where you are stuck in the middle of an ocean!

  • kurt A

    I would use them to take the new baby home to see family

    • ThePointsGuide

       Good luck Kurt and congrats on the baby!

  • Denis

    I’d love to go to London next summer!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Denis! That would be a fun trip. Ive been to London multiple times as layovers but have never spent more than 24 hours there. I would love to take my wife to London even though she already spent a few days there touring.

  • Nikki O

    Would love to save up the points for my husband and my 10th wedding anniversary, I’m trying for Tahiti!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Good luck Nikki! Nothing is impossible.. start saving and planning now and it can happen.

  • Judithwillette

    I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I just finished chemotherapy and radiation for colon cancer and it has been a long year. I have great grandchildren in Maine who I do not get to see and they are growing up and I don’t get to enjoy them. Flying now is out of the question for me because of the expense of my medical, insurance covers some but not all of the bills.My grandchildren and great grandchildren are my whole world.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Hi Judith, sorry to hear about your health issues. I pray you heal completely. Good luck on the giveaway!

  • Kelly H

    Thanks for the contest. How nice! I would use the SkyMiles for a trip to Italy for New Year’s. I am reuniting with my long lost love at 18 years apart.

    • James K.

       Damn, 18 years? She deserves it

    • ThePointsGuide

      Kelly, good luck! 18 years apart.. wow!

  • James K.

    My account took a huge (120,000) hit after planning my 2013 trip to Paris/Mauritius.  I would use the 25k to build up my balance again

    • ThePointsGuide

      I am assuming that was an international flight. Those can be costly, but still save you more $$ in the long run! Good luck James!

  • Mitchhock

    This would be outstanding to win.  Thanks for the opportunity

    • ThePointsGuide

      You are welcome Mitch

  • Sdgerhard13

    I’d probably go visit my daughter in NYC

    • ThePointsGuide

      Great place to go! My wife is from NYC.. we are supposed to take a few days to visit New York in the near future as I have only been there once, for a few days

  • Breadcity

    Would probably go to Tulum, Mexico!

    • ThePointsGuide

      Another Mexico destination. Lots of people want to visit Mexico! Good luck!

  • Somsubhra Maity

    I will go to New Orleans with my girlfriend.

    • ThePointsGuide

      Good luck Somsubhra!

  • Tiffany Winner

    I’d give them to my mother in law for her trip to Hawaii 

  • Kim

    I would use it to help us get to Florida in a few months to see our family.

  • arie

    Australia baby! only need 25k more!

  • Stefan

    I would use these miles to go to Europe!

  • clarelouise44

    I could use Delta miles.  I fly Delta frequently.

  • Kerry Tubbs

    I would use the miles to take my son to visit my family back in Kansas, as Delta is the only airline that flies direct from BOS and is therefore the most convenient route with a baby.

  • Mackerous

    I would use the miles to further my travels. Just started travel hacking and already getting to Korea and back from Australia for free! I would probably use them to get back to the east coast after Australia to see family and friends.

  • David201231

    i would go to Tibet.

  • roger

    I would go to LA. Its getting cold here in NYC so any chance to get some sun is much appreciated!

  • Matthew J

    Awesome, I could really use these miles to finally go to Portland. It is one city I have wanted to go to for years.

  • KT32

    I would use it to take my husband to Greece next year to celebrate his “L” birthday:-)

  • spesalvi

    My parent’s 30th anniversary is coming up and I would like to help them to get to Europe since they never been!

  • Cathylander

    I would use these miles to fly my mother and my nephew  to visit me here in NYC (from orlando) – they are my only family, and I want my 9 year old nephew to get some cultural enrichment outside of Florida:)

  • Melorohrer

    I will use the miles to take my husband to Florida

  • Mark

    I also am new to sky miles so I would add the points to my current total as I save up for a trip to Hawaii .

  • AnnieLovesFrance

    Fun!  Thanks to you, and to InACents for the heads up.  I’d like to put these miles to use for a low-season trip with my husband to the UK.  

  • Alaine

    I would go to Phoenix to visit family. 

  • A_B

    Would be AWESOME to win this!!!

  • Apassionforpurses

    My husband and I would go to New York for a friends wedding in February

  • B-Rad

    Awesome contest and thanks! I would save these up for a trip to French Polynesia!

  • Kyle Smith

    Would love to earn some extra miles to make my family’s annual Vegas trip a little easier on the pocketbook! Awesome contest and thanks for the opportunity

  • Lou

    Just saw your guide and going along for the ride, would go to London and would like some sun.


    sweet txs

  • jules mcnubbin

    i’ll be going to vegas :-)

  • begruntled traveler

    I would use the miles to start reloading my Delta award account, after using all of my 160,000 miles on an award ticket on coach tlv-boston, while cursing Delta for being so difficult to get award tickets on….

  • ken

    i’ll be going to central america

  • Eddy

    I would love to visit New Mexico and their chiles!

  • C T

    i will use them to fly to watch my child compete in a sports event in Florida this December! i’ve never seen him compete in US!

  • Jared

    Surprise my wife with a trip to see her family in Washington!

  • Darrem

    Just got married, so this could be the honeymoon.

  • Murthy_sub


  • Zee

    Getting married soon and will love to afford a nice honeymoon location…these miles would help a lot.

  • Owen S.


  • Karen L

    I would love to go to the UK to see some old friends.

  • Noah Mark Blaustein

    I would upgrade to Business Class!!

  • Kelly D.

    I would go to San Francisco!

  • Judy Jones

    I would go back to Las Vegas to visit my money!

  • Brenda

    My daughter had a baby 10 wks early.  She lives in Florida and I live in WV. We drove in Sept to be there when the baby was born.  Piper(the baby)is growing (now a whopping 2 lb) and we would love to visit her again. 

  • Christine Rojas

    I would go to New York City to experience a real Christmas (I’m from southern California)

  • Ncgirl3

    Travel to see my friends in the Keys!


    Seattle in WA, tha’s my destination to see my old friends.

  • Jamie Leigh Martin

    Hawaii, baby! 

  • Wendy Leung Mountainbear

    Downunder to visit my family!

  • Wendy Leung Mountainbear

    Downunder to visit my family!

  • Kevin W.

    X-mas in New York.

  • King, IIDA, LEED AP

    I have been to most of the states so it would have to be Washington.  I think I am getting married soon & miles would afford us a honeymoon!  Seattle!

  • Divagrl1

    I would go to Orlando FL to see my best friend again

  • Carson

    AZ for a golf weekend!

  • Stevejones Utah

    Saving for trip to Holland.

  • Lesley

    Fly my mom to visit me for her summer teaching break!

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  • henare

    starving grad student needs ff miles to go to conferences next summer so i can, in turn, beg for employment.

  • Jimgotkp

    I would go visit my family in Seattle! 

  • Shindou

    I would save my points for a visit to Europe!

  • Laceydudley

    Europe with my hubby!

  • Benjamin Murphy


  • Jonboy5c

    Halfway to South America with these miles!

  • Benjamin Murphy

    I would use my points to help with a Skyteam award to Vietnam to visit
    my wife’s family.  My wife could come along as well, I guess.    

  • Kenny

    great awards to Africa!

  • Bothofus2

    Saving for an Australia trip next year

  • Roy K

    Japan for this winter!!

  • Jason B

    Bora Bora is where I would go,  25k more miles would get us very close to an award!   JB

  • Chris

    I would mix in some Membership Rewards points to top off my Delta account balance to fly BusinessElite somewhere.

  • Ryan Keone

    Las Vegas for my wife’s 30th.

  • Usagi Hoshino

    If I won I would have more miles saved up for a trip to WDW, dying to see the christmas decorations (I’m from Peru!).

  • j.a.

    Florida, for sure.

  • Jared Eugene

    I’d like to send my parents to a warm destination… maybe Mexico!

  • Nathan Mitchell

    I want to go home to Florida for Christmas. :)

  • Stefan

    I would love to go to Hawaii with my wife! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • Ana

    I want to bring my dad to the U.S. to see his to be born grandson! Thanks!

  • Eric

    I might upgrade on that flight to Istanbul next spring.


    I want to visit the love of my life in Vietnam

  • Charlotte (TYR)

    Thanks for the contest.  I am thinking some more Delta points would be great for a ticket into Stockholm next year!

  • Aisha DeVaughn

    Very generous of you!  Thanks very much for the opportunity.

  • truthiness

    Pick Me pick me – I would go to Austin or New Orleans!

    • truthiness

       also, my twitter name is truthiness925

  • El_Prez

     I would go on the Round The World trip I’ve been saving points for!

  • Teck

    Washington DC, here I come!

  • Jay

    stoked on finding this site. my girlfriend and I are always tryin to rack up miles. early next year we’re setting off on a trip of the world. we’re trying to stay traveling for the next five years or till we find the place we belong. so any tips are good ones. thanks derek.

  • James Merrill

    Take my mom to Europe!

  • Joseph

    I would go to Charlotte, NC to visit friends I haven’t seen in over 6 years.

  • Lee H.

    I’d go to New York City

  • Ken D

    I’d come back to Alyeska skiing in AK this year, if it’s a sweet as last year was

  • Paolo

    I’d go to Hawaii to get a nice suntan.

  • Pet

    ExpandSaving for an Argentina trip next year

  • Mvrlik

    I would go diving in Central America

  • Ralf Klein

    I would travel to somewhere in the US.

  • cmtomlin

    I would add it to my miles to visit Alaska!  Alaska is one of the 3 states I have left to visit so I can say I have been to all 50 states!

  • j.a.

    New Orleans.

  • Kevin W.

    I would start looking into a trip to Europe.

  • Nikdro

    I would use them towards a trip to the south pacific!

  • David Hotz

    That would give me enough miles to take my wife in business to Aussie land on Virgin Australia

  • Michael Demapan

    I would take these miles for an upgrade to Las Vegas this summer!

  • Nina Demapan

    i would love to take my daughter to universal studios singapore!

  • PJ

    I’d work my way to Jackson Hole with these points!

  • Christophor Rick

    I need a vacation and while I’ve been to 26 countries and 125 cities already there are still loads of places I’d like to go, especially Asia as I haven’t made it there yet.

  • Averycampbell


  • Lucy

    XMAS in Chicago!!

  • Flymore684

    On my way to NYC!

  • Ayo Suber

    New Orleans

  • HF

    want to Vegas. hope it could win me a r/t ticket MIA-LAS

  • TheMan876


  • Jill H

    I have been saving to go to Hawaii.  This would be so fantastic! It’s getting so cold here already! Thank you so much for the chance! 

  • Tracey

    I would use these miles to visit two of my daughters who live in Washington DC and Pennsylvania – That would be so awesome. Thank you for offering up such a sweet prize!

  • Richard


  • J C


  • Dennybob

    Love to go to Monterey, CA to see our new granddaughter.

  • Eamon

    I would apply the miles to an upcoming Hawaii honeymoon which is currently out of reach and which I am working towards.

  • Green Travel Girl

    Thanks for the chance to win, I am planning on New Zealand

  • Laurie

    I’d use the miles to help with a ticket to Paris.

  • TomT

    lets all go to Paris

  • Mzldc

    england and france

  • Deborah

    Wherever I can convince my husband to take me!  :-)

  • Sherpa

    This would top my account off for a trip to HK!

  • Caseyayers

    Awesome contest!

  • Abukyle

    Great idea, I loved sharing my miles when I had more. I would go to London for the holidays to reunite with family.

  • Costa Kalogiros


  • Mzldc


  • Kateymasri

    San Francisco has been calling my name and I hate to keep letting them down :)

  • Iliana D Blair

    With these miles it would be great to  fly to San Francisco

  • Katherine Wu

    Planning a RTW trip myself — first stop: Reykjavik.

  • Katherine Wu

    Planning a RTW trip myself — first stop: Reykjavik.

  • jason parker c.

    If i win I will use it to fly into Sao Paulo in Brazil to surprise my fiancee who is working and living there til next year.  So I am not picky about black out dates.  We are saving for our wedding and budget won’t allow extra trip right now without some sort of help.  Thanks for this great contest.

  • Mzldc


  • Firefighter_mason

    First time checking out your site. Full of great info!

  • Beyond Hwy50

    I’m new to the points game. I’m hoping to learn from the best.

  • MR. H

    I would go to Vietnam

  • Ginger20

    A trip to Wales. Thanks for the chance.

  • Erndog

    I’d go to Charleston, SC

  • Kendel

    I would use the miles to fly to Cleveland to spend Christmas with my grandparents and the rest of my family! Due to the high fares this year, my plans have been up in the air. The flight from BNA to CLE is extremely pricey on peak days. My Thanksgiving fare ran me $500 this year which is more than double what it was last year. I definitely can’t afford that for Christmas, so I was hoping for an airfare miracle. This could be it!

  • Teslajamieson

    I’m getting close to having enough to get around the world…..So I would use them to go to Indonesia for my new business as well as fun!

  • Dwoz

    I would use the miles to help go somewhere warm this winter.  Thank you!

  • Rachel_whitesell

    I would use the miles to help our family of 11 travel from Alaska and see family! Or the ocean, hmmm, maybe a trip to see family and the ocean!

  • Mzldc


  • Owen S.

    I would fly to SAN with my wife, then spend a week in Mexico!

  • Mamatika9

    Miles give away! Honeymoon for a deserving divorced mother of four!

  • Gina Stanford

    I’d take my kids to Disneyland. :) 

  • Mck Jngr

    I would use the points toward a ticket for my daughter to come home to Stlouis for thanksgiving

  • ToCo

    Hmmmm…I’d take my hubby for a romantic getaway! Maybe the Carribean! 😀

  • Ltb0630

    I would use the miles to ho see my nieces I haven’t seen in nearly 5 yrs in Seattle

  • Alex

    I’d like to go on a trip out of the US for the first time!

  • Mzldc

    europe and denmark

  • T F Rhoden

    I’d go to N Korea….j/k

  • EMonS

    rome bound?

  • Elijah Nouvelage

    I’d visit my brother in Alexandria, VA.

  • Mzldc

    europe this winter

  • jason parker c.

    please pick me lol.  i know it is random but i really want to surprise my fiancee for the holidays.   i wil even blog and share my story and pics with you!

  • scottedwards

    South Africa First Class Open Jaw!

  • Abhinav Gautam


  • Faye

    would love to add to my miles and get to europe

  • jason parker crombie

    please pick me.  25000 skymiles will be exactly enough to sursprise my fiancee for holidays!   i would fly for 30 hours if it means i can see her.

  • ThePointsGuide

    Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Christopher B. is the winner! Keep a watch on the Facebook, G+ and Twitter pages for announcements of future giveaways!

  • jason parker crombie

    Congrats to Christopher B.  I am happy for him.  Maybe next time i will be the lucky winner.  Thank you also Derek for doing this contest and helping those of us in need.   i hope you will run another contest soon.  jason crombie

  • MightyTravels

    Who could say no to that :) We had a contest on some weeks ago and it was rocking our servers! Good job!